RObotic Architectural Structural Design


The built environment industry needs to change. Where most industries are in Industry 4.0, the construction industry still remains in Industry 1.0/2.0. Robotics will play an important role solving challenges like the shortage in houses and raw materials, too much Nitrogen and CO2 emissions, and the construction workers' health situations and safety. How exactly this is going to be realized is still the big question and brings many challenges and opportunities. Research is needed!

ROASD was created in the Department of the Built Environment of the TU/e, which stands for Robotic Architectural Structural Design. This platform links all students and researchers working with robots. It supports in programming and using the robots, collects knowledge on digital manufacturing and manages the robotic lab.

Research Themes

Winding with robots

Currently, the use of winded structures in the Built Environment is investigated. The winded structures are created with robots and optimized with parametric design to limit the usage of materials. In this video, a first impression of winding with the robots is shown. A biodegradable rope and resin have been used to create a more sustainable structure. Follow our LinkedIn for more updates on the current developments of the robots.




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