Our Facilities

NMR Scanners

The boost in research activities in the past 5 years is essentially due to the unique opportunities of our MRI infrastructure. As the group has the know-how to develop dedicated NMR equipment, fitted to a particular research question, it has been able to achieve a position at the interface of material science and NMR imaging.

Our infrastructure covers a wide range of length and time scale. The group owns one of the 2 GARFIELD set-ups in the world that is able to visualise processes with a resolution down to a micrometer scale. Moreover, the unique features have been recognised by industries, resulting in a steep increase in our industry-sponsored projects. With respect to the envisaged international research priorities in energy materials, TPM will be able to contribute essentially to fundamental understanding due to its high field facilities.

4.7 T - 200 Mhz - H - 1D/3D imaging

1.5 T - 60 Mhz - 0.3 T/m - 1D imaging - H/Na/Li/Cl/F imaging

2x 1.4 T - 60 Mhz - 40 T/m - H/F imaging

0.8 T - 33.1 Mhz - max grad 14 Khz/mm - 1D imaging - H/Na imaging

0.7 T - 30.9 Mhz - max grad 19 Khz/mm - 1D/2D imagings - H/Na imaging

0.3 T  - 12.8 Mhz - 3D Finger demo NMR


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