0.8 T - 33 Mhz Scanner

Main characteristics
0.8 T - 33.1 Mhz
1D imagings
max grad 14 Khz/mm
H/Na imaging

This is the first NMR scanner which was built  in 1994 with financial support of the Royal Association of Dutch Brick Manufacturers (KNB).  This apparatus uses a conventional electromagnet, generating a field of 0.78 T (33 MHz). This field was found to be an acceptable compromise between the signal-to-noise ratio of the spin-echo signal and the required spatial resolution. This NMR scanner uses a continuous gradient upto 14 KHz/mm offering a one-dimensional spatial resolution of 1 mm for building materials.For the measurements various sample holders are available. With these sample holders the moisture concentration profiles can be measured in cylindrical samples with a diameter of 20 mm and a length up to 200 mm.

For more information see: K. Kopinga and L. Pel, One dimensional scanning of moisture in porous materials with NMR, Rev. Sci. Instrum.  65, 3673-3681 (1994).