4.7 T - 200 Mhz Scanner

A pilot study has shown that with NMR it is feasible to measure the chloride concentration profiles in concrete. These preliminary  measurements were performed at a magnetic field of 5 T. With support of the Dutch Technology Foundation (STW) and the Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Construction the construction of a high-field NMR scanner ( for the studies on moisture and ion transport in concrete has been started.  This scanner uses a 4.7 T  200 mm clear bore Oxford magnet with a Doty gradient insert.  With this machine is it should be possible to measure on cylindrical samples with 40 mm diameter and we aim to measure quasi simultanously the moisture and both the sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl) profiles. We therefor have constructed a NMR set-up with 2 receiver which are operated by one computer.