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Urban Planning and Transportation

Urban Planning and Transportation concerns decision about the best location and distribution of urban land use, which is strongly connected to the transportation systems. The quality of plans and policies depends on the impact it has on economic, social, environmental, psychological and societal aspects. The focus of the research of the group is on developing models and integrating these into decision support systems for urban planning design and policy decisions.


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Research project: SCRIPTS

The Smart Cities Responsive Intelligent Public Transport Systems (SCRIPTS) research project focuses on finding new innovative solutions to meet the demand for transport,while at the same time reducing the negative effects of traffic and transport has always been central to research in the area of traffic and transport.


Research project: DESENT

The DESENT project aims at the development, application and dissemination of an integrated decision support system for energy use of buildings and transport, ensuring maximum efficiency with respect to supply and distributed energy generation. The specific goal is to develop a smart energy control concept of household/vehicle energy use through the implementation of advanced ICT technology.



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