Assessing the 3D Printability of models

Several problems may prevent a 3D model to be printed. Intricate details in the model might be beyond the resolution of the printer, angles might be too steep to be printed without support or the model might not be thick enough to support itself. To make it even more interesting, different technologies (and different printers within the same technology) have different strengths and weaknesses. As a consequence, assessing the printability of a model often requires manual inspection by an expert. This manual process is often times not reliable, requiring much trial and error before a successful print, and clearly not scalable. At 3D Hubs, the world's largest network of 3D printing services, we process thousands of models every day. We are looking to implement automated checks that provide feedback about the printability of models, reducing the need of manual inspection and increasing the process speed, thus improving the overall

The assignment

Starting from the previous research by Telea and Jalba [1], the student will investigate the stateoftheart for printability assessment. The goal of this assignment is to design, implement and validate techniques to automatically assess the printability check for 3D models, like wall thickness, holes, overhangs and model integrity (nonmanifold problems). The student is free to select the tools and programming languages to be used in the implementation.

Besides printability, we are also interested in approaches that suggest 3D printing technologies based on an input model. For instance, when a user submits a detailed model of a character (e.g., a tabletop game character), we could recommend SLA over FDM printers.

The student will be working at the 3D Hubs office in Amsterdam.


  • Free 3D printing, anytime, at our office
  • Real impact on our technical roadmap
  • Work in a lean, fastpaced, startup environment housed together with 40+ startups
    in a historic Canal House in Amsterdam
  • Work together with a rapidly expanding, international, young team of 40 people and 15+
  • Free lunch, Italian quality coffee and awesome Friday drinks
  • € 300 salary + travel expenses


We are looking for students that:

  • Are enrolled in a master program in Computer Science
  • Have experience in computer (3d) imaging


[1] Telea, Alexandru, and Andrei Jalba. "Voxelbased assessment of printability of 3D shapes." International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology and Its Applications to Signal and Image Processing . Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2011.