Internships at Process Gold

ProcessGold is a software supplier that brings together Process Mining and Business Intelligence to help customers gain insight into their business processes. The ProcessGold platform combines data extraction, process mining techniques, and visual analytics in order to produce dynamic, visual reports which are easy to monitor and analyze for process stakeholders. These reports form the basis for deeper, fact-driven analysis and continuous process improvement projects.

We are constantly improving our product, and in this context, we offer internships on a wide variety of topics—see below. In all projects, the intern should be able to work out the problem definition in collaboration with ProcessGold and the university supervisor, come up with a conceptual solution, and realize the solution in the ProcessGold platform.

Internship 1: Swim lanes

DescriptionBusiness processes may sometimes consist of multiple sub-processes that interact with each other, or activities may be performed by different resources or different organizational units. In this project, the student will extend the ProcessGold process graph layout algorithm, Tracy [1], to be able to visualize such organizational structures in a process graph with swim lanes. This will involve adapting the ProcessGold process graph layout engine and visualization to be able to show these swim lanes.
Expected outputAn adaptation of the ProcessGold process graph layout engine and visualization that allows it to visualize swim lanes.
Type of projectProgramming (C++/Typescript), process mining, visualization.

[1] R. Mennens, R. Scheepens en M. Westenberg, „A Stable Graph Layout Algorithm for Processes,” Computer Graphics Forum, vol. 38, nr. 3, pp. 725-737, 2019.

Internship 2: Hierarchical activities

DescriptionActivities may have some hierarchical relationship. In this project, the student will build a visualization and user interaction to enable the user to collapse or expand these activities.
Expected outputA method to collapse/expand hierarchical activities in the ProcessGold platform.
Type of projectProgramming (Typescript and some C++), visualization.


Internship 3: Process flows on maps

DescriptionSome processes can be expressed as a flow, where goods, such as packages, cargo, or money, or physical objects, such as cars or vessels, flow between predefined geographic locations. We would like to investigate how we can interactively visualize these flows on a map to enable our users to explore, understand, and find anomalies in them.
Expected outputA proof of concept of the visualization integrated into the ProcessGold platform.
Type of projectProgramming (C++/Typescript) and visualization design.