Visualization of Health data collected by GameBus


This project is concerned with displaying health data collected by GameBus. GameBus is a gamification platform whose mission statement is formulated on its website as follows.

GameBus is a platform that encourages and rewards families and friends to stay active socially, mentally and physically in a personalized gaming experience. GameBus enables people to perform the activities they enjoy truly as an individual in such a way that they are part of an integrated social interaction.

The target of this project is to design and implement one or more interactive visual (linked) views on one or more aspects of GameBus. These aspects may be related to individual users, their social circles, their challenges, gamebus administrators, etcetera. Successfull new visuals will be integrated in the existing platform.


  • Project can be adapted to either an internship or a full-scale master project.
  • Execution of the project takes place at the TU/e.
  • Existing implementations are in javascript.
  • An anonymized dataset is available for initial experimentation

Further information


Type master project
Place internal
Supervisors Huub van de Wetering
date 09/2018