• Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Applied Analysis

    The field of Applied analysis brings together many mathematical topics, such differential equations, dynamical systems, variational…

  • Applied and Provable Security

    The Applied and Provable Security (APS) group covers research on applied cryptography and formal treatment of the security of cryptographic…

  • Mathematics and Computer Science

    Applied Differential Geometry

    Applied Differential Geometry seeks opportunities for applying differential geometry to science and technology, with a focus on healthcare…

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Applied Geometric Algorithms

    Geometric algorithms is the field within algorithms research that is concerned with the design and analysis of efficient algorithms and data…

  • Department of the Built Environment

    Applied Mechanics

    The chair of Applied Mechanics (AM) examines the mechanical and physical behaviour of materials and structures at various length scales.

  • Source: Bekkering & Adams Architecten. Project: Agnetendal.  Foto: Scagliola Brakkee.
    Department of the Built Environment

    Architectural Design and Engineering

    ADE analyzes programs for buildings, develops concepts, investigates tectonic solutions and evaluates constructions and materials.

  • Department of the Built Environment

    Architectural History and Theory

    AHT explores architectural history, theory, philosophy, and heritage studies, reflecting the interplay between these disciplines and their…

  • Department of the Built Environment

    Architecture and Transformation

    Architecture is changing at a high pace. The aim of the group is transformation of the role of the architect, of the existing building stock…

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Artificial Intelligence

    The AI-group primarily focuses on the fundamentals, techniques, and tools/frameworks for successful applications of AI. It strenghtens the…

  • Ana Sobota

    Atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasmas and their interaction with substrates

    Transient on a nanosecond timescale and featuring high density gradients, atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasmas are fascinating systems…

  • Erwin Kessels

    Atomic scale processing

    We aim to develop advanced atomic layer deposition and etching processes through in-depth understanding of the underlying reaction…

  • Group of Dynamics and Control

    Autonomous and Complex Systems

    The Autonomous and Complex Systems group develops the science and technology fundamental for the next generation of autonomous systems