The Deboflex project has the goal to create a unique robotic system for the automatic deskinning, defatting and deboning of the foreā€end of a pig. These tasks, currently all performed by hand, are very heavy and high-tech robot technology is aimed to help the human worker.
The three major advantages of robotic deboning are: (1) an improved market responsiveness due to the higher process flexibility, (2) a reduced number of slaughtered animals as result of a higher efficiency and (3) an increased food safety as it becomes easier to trace the products towards their origin.
In first instance, the focus is on the realization of a functional model for automatic deskinning and defatting as these two processes are the most time consuming. Research comprises: (1) adaptation of the hand held tools to make them compatible with a robotic arm, (2) real-time, color based skin, fat and muscles recognition, (3) integration of force measurement and (4) path planning and trajectory generation for the free-form and compliant products.

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