RoboCup @Home


The RoboCup@Home league aims to develop service and assistive robot technology with high relevance for future personal domestic applications. It is the largest international annual competition for autonomous service robots and it is part of the RoboCup initiative. A set of benchmark tests is used to evaluate the robots’ abilities and performance in a realistic non-standardized home environment setting. There is mainly focussed on the following domains: Human-Robot-Interaction and Cooperation, Navigation and Mapping in dynamic environments, Computer Vision and Object Recognition under natural light conditions, Object Manipulation, Adaptive Behaviors, Behavior Integration, Ambient Intelligence, Standardization and System Integration.

TU/e takes part in the RoboCup@Home competition, with our care robot AMIGO, within the team of Tech United. AMIGO means Autonomous Mate for IntelliGent Operations. The height is one and a half meter, he has two arms and moves with a platform on wheels. He excecutes several tasks with his arms, like taking something out of the kitchen. To orientate in the domestic environment AMIGO uses the kinect of the Xbox so he can see in 3D.  Robots like AMIGO enable elderly people to function independently for a longer time.

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