RoboCup Humanoid


As part of TechUnited, the humanoid robotics team of the Eindhoven University of Technology does research in the field of humanoid robotics. Humanoid robots are robots that resemble the appearance of humans. The team focuses its activities on dynamics and balance of human-like walking, computer vision, localization and path planning to ensure autonomous operation of walking robots in natural environments, such as homes, offices and hospitals.
Two humanoid robots are used as experimental platforms: Nao and TUlip. TUlip has been designed and realized in 2009 by the Eindhoven University of Technology in cooperation with the Delft University of Technology, the University of Twente en Philips. The robot is 130 centimeters tall, weighs approximately 30 kilograms, and has two legs with each six degrees of freedom. An inertial measurement unit provides orientation information for the robot and a head with a stereovision camera system mounted on a neck mechanism gives TUlip 3D vision. Contact forces with the ground are measured through pressure sensors under its feet.
Besides research on bipedal walking, the team also participates with TUlip in the adult-size humanoid robotics league at the annual Robocup event.

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