RoboCup Mid-Size Soccer


Tech United is part of the RoboCup project. The RoboCup is a worldwide organization where the development of robotics is the main goal. This project is subdivided in different competitions. Tech United participates with the robot soccer competition in the Middle Size League (MSL) as well as the Humanoid League. In the MSL two teams of 5 robots, each with a height of approximately 80 cm, play soccer against each other. This is performed completely autonomous. This means that the robots take all the decisions by themselves. You can think about tactics, the moment of shooting and the position in the field. In the Humanoid League we develop a robot with arms and legs. The aim in the humanoid-league is to let this “human-like” robot walk independently.
The big goal for these Leagues is to develop a robot soccer team which will win from the World Champion human soccer in 2050.
Inside the RoboCup the new technologies and knowledge is shared between the participating groups. This way, the technology develops faster. By using soccer as a subject, many people will be reached.

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