Control Systems Technology

Robotics in the Control Systems Technology group

Robotics research at the Control Systems Technology group of the department of Mechanical Engineering focuses on the role of robotics for care (domotics) and cure (medical robotics). Furthermore, new efforts are being dedicated to robotics for food processing and agriculture. 
The transition from (static) ICT domotics towards moving intelligent systems is starting. Autonomous and tele-operated robots are being developed to work in household situations and to support elderly.  In this application field we are focussing on the design of low cost standardized care robots, and perform research into the domain of environmental aware and self-learning systems (see e.g. RoboEarth). An important demonstrator here is the AMIGO robot.
A different field of robotics for healthcare is the use of robots in the operating theatre. Here, robotic minimally invasive surgery solves challenges surgeons cope with while performing conventional minimally invasive surgery. We developed the surgical robot Sofie, being a compact rigid design, allowing force-feedback, high precision control and easy access to the patient. A second application is a master slave robot for eye surgery, in particular vitreo-retinal eye surgery.
An important resource for extending our knowledge in robotics is the RoboCup competition. At the TU/e, we are competing in the Middle Size, Humanoid soccer and the @Home leagues. The combined experiencefrom all our efforts in robotics has brought as at the world leading position in this competition.

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