Research Meet 16 June 2017

“Sound Technology; a human perspective on the benefits and risks of sound in everyday life”

Around 50 visitors joined our Research Meet on sound design. They listened to interesting talks and pitches.

This Research Meet looked at the science of sound and how advanced sound technology can change effect of sound on humans, not only by reducing unwanted and harmful noises, but by opening up new opportunities for the design of future healthy sound¬scapes.


  • Exploring the world with two ears: risks and benefits
    Armin Kohlrausch, Auditory and Multisensory Perception, Human-Technology Interaction group (TU/e)
  • How road roughness can save our life but might kill us through a back door
    Ines Lopez Arteaga, Acoustics and Noise Control, Department of Mechanical Engineering (TU/e)
  • Interactive Soundscapes of the Future Everyday
    Berry Eggen, User Centered Engineering group, Department of Industrial Design (TU/e) and member of the board of the Center for Humans & Technology


  • Auditory Distraction: A Side Effect of Unconscious Sonic Awareness.
    Toros Senan, PhD Candidate, Royal Philips & Human Technology Interaction (TU/e)
  • Personalized persuasion through sound, does it influence the driving experience?
    Hanneke Hooft van Huysduynen, PhD Candidate, User Centered Engineering (TU/e)
  • Make music, not noise: can we protect musician’s hearing without ear plugs?
    Remy Wenmaekers, PhD Candidate, Level Acoustics  & Building Acoustics (TU/e)