Transforming mental health care - Technological and social innovation for mental health

06 April
12:00 - 16:30
'Zwarte Doos,. TU/e Campus
From 06 April
Center for Humans & Technology in cooperation with GGZ Eindhoven and Tranzo (TiU)
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Mental health care is recognizing the potential of and adopting technology. Important societal trends - rising costs of care, shrinking budgets, and patients’ explicit desire for more engagement and self determination-, ask for transformation of mental health care. A new frontier has opened which is completely changing the mental health care environment. Technological and social innovation will help mental health care to be fit for the future.

TU/e, Tilburg University and GGZ Eindhoven are taking on this challenge and are therefore starting a structural partnership. The goal is to strengthen and grow the bilateral collaborations between these parties and join forces in improving mental health care.

This research meet of the Center for Humans and Technology, organized together with GGZ Eindhoven and Tranzo (TiU) will feature inspiring presentations on innovative applications of technology in the domain of mental health. Covering topics ranging from dementia care, VR treatment and serious gaming to healing environments, this afternoon will bring you new insights on the latest developments towards effective, sustainable and personalized care.


12:00   Welcome & meet-up

12:30   Opening, Yvonne de Kort & Inge Bongers

12:45   “VR and health, how to stumble upon an award winning innovation” <Keynote>
            Bernard Martin Maarsingh, Clinical psychologist and Psychotherapist,serial entrepeneur, Head of Management Education PPO/RUG

13: 25  “Biodynamic light and dementia: the impact of biodynamic light on sleep and psychological problems” <Pitch>
            Ellen van Lieshout, GGzE

13:35   "Light to fight addiction” <Pitch>
            Karin Smolders, Human Technology Interaction group, TU/e

13:45   Break & Poster Presentations *

14:05   “Transforming mental health through design” <Talk>
            Rens Brankaert, Industrial Design, TU/e

14:25   “Future scenario’s for a sustainable transformation of estate “Grote Beek”  <Talk>
            Juliette Bekkering, Architectural Design and Engineering, TU/e
14:45   "The effect of a dynamic light scenario on the level of arousal in (forensic) psychiatric patients" <Pitch>
            Nicole Weelen, GGzE

14: 55  “How does context affect mental health?” <Pitch>
            Yvonne de Kort, Human Technology Interaction group, TU/e

15:05   Break & Poster Presentations

15:20   "Innovating dementia care; a technological and social innovation approach” <Talk>
            Liselore Snaphaan, GGzE & Iris Geerts, GGzE & Tranzo, TiU

15: 40  “Supporting empathic interactions in therapeutic settings” <Pitch>
            Milou Feijt, Human Technology Interaction group, TU/e

15:50   “Serious games for professional skills” <Pitch>
            Joyce Bierbooms, Tranzo, TiU & GGzE

16:00   Official launch!

16:20   Closing & get-together <Drinks>

When:        6 April 2018, 12:00 – 16:30 hrs.
Where:       ‘Zwarte Doos’ at TU/e campus
What:         ‘Transforming mental health care - Technological and social innovation for mental health'  

Organized by the Center for Humans & Technology, GGzE and Tranzo (TiU)

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