Colloquium Prof. Onno Bokhove

Dredging the Depths of Maths: Multi-Phase Hele-Shaw Flows at the Beach

When: Friday 21 June 2013
Where: Auditorium, Lecture room 11, TU/e campus


Fluid-particle interactions are investigated using quasi-2D Hele-Shaw cells.

Firstly, Hele-Shaw experiments with beach and berm formation under driven and breaking waves will be presented. The mathematical design of this Hele-Shaw beach cell is triggered by analysing width- and depth-averaged hydrodynamic equations, such that the minimal gap width necessary for sustained wave breaking can be determined.

Secondly, some new pilot experiments on particle dredging will be shown.

Finally, we will discuss whether and how single-phase mixture equations can be used to model these fluid-particle flows efficiently, and tentatively relate this to some research in Eindhoven!


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