Colloquium Professor Claude Lé Bris

How to deal with nonperiodicity in multiscale computational mechanics.

When: Monday 3 March 2014
Where: Ceres building, CE0.31, TU/e campus


We will present some recent mathematical and numerical contributions related to nonperiodic multiscale problems. A typical, simple setting is that of a scalar elliptic equation with an highly oscillatory coefficient. The difficulty is that this coefficient is not assumed periodic. It typically models a structure with a set of embedded localized defects, or a structure that, although not periodic, enjoys nice geometrical features (a small amount of randomness can for instance be involved). The purpose  is then to construct theoretical settings, and next numerical approaches providing an efficient and accurate approximation of the solution in several possible cases of practical interest.

The presentation is based on a series of joint works with Xavier Blanc (Paris 7) and Pierre Louis Lions (College de France),  and Frederic Legoll (Ecole des Ponts).