NDNS+ Workshop "Stochastic Modeling of Multiscale Systems"

NDNS+ Workshop "Stochastic Modeling of Multiscale Systems"


This workshop is organized by the Dutch national mathematics cluster "Nonlinear Dynamics of Natural Systems (NDNS+)" in collaboration with the Eindhoven Multiscale Institute and is intended to discuss modeling and computation of multiscale dynamical systems, and in particular stochastic methods in this context. It goes without saying that multiple temporal and spatial scales are one of the primary contemporary challenges to computation and modeling. Stochastic methods for modeling microscale processes constitute one of the most important and active areas of research in this area. Stochastic models provide a framework for re-injecting variability in multiscale models, that would otherwise be lost using a deterministic approach based on averaging or homogenization. Equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics play important roles in stochastic multiscale modeling and averaging methods, both to define the stochastic processes used to model microscale dynamics near (conditional) equilibrium, and in the validation of successful parameterizations.  Data assimilation techniques involve related considerations and provide the means for improving predictability of multiscale systems under uncertainties in model parameters and initial data. For this workshop we have chosen a number of themes in equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of models at various resolutions, as well as methodology for representing stochastic micro scale processes in a meso- or macroscopic description:


*   Multiscale methods, dimension reduction & homogenization

*   Molecular sampling, entropy & large deviations

*   Computational methods in kinetic theory

*   Fluid turbulence, prediction & uncertainty


The workshop will be held Dec. 2 - 6, 2013 at the Advanced Study Center (Ceres building, TU/e campus) under auspices of the Eindhoven Multiscale Institute, Eindhoven (The Netherlands).