Keynote Speakers

NameAffiliation + abstract
Michael Abdel MalikEindhoven University of Technology

Hierarchical Moment Closure Approximation of the Boltzmann Equation

Pavel BerloffImperial College London

Toward Stochastic Parameterization: Dynamical Analysis of Localized Random Forcing

Joris BierkensRadboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Non-equilibrium MCMC in general spaces
Onno BokhoveUniversity of Leeds
On a closure for Hamiltonian Particle Mesh Methods: Vlasov-Poisson Dynamics
Stephen D. BondSandia National Laboratories

Numerical methods for the Extended Variable Generalized Langevin Equation

Freddy BouchetEcole Normale Supérieure ENS-Lyon and CNRS
Abrupt transitions and large deviations in geophysical turbulent flows
Michal BranickiCourant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Fundamental limitations of Polynomial Chaos expansions for uncertainty quantification in systems with intermittency

Harald van BrummelenEindhoven University of Technology

Towards adaptive multiscale methods for kinetic equations

Daan CrommelinCentrum Wiskunde & Informatica

Modeling of unresolved scales with data-inferred stochastic processes

Stamen DolaptchievGoethe Universität
Towards subgrid-scale parameterizations constrained by first principles and with climate dependence
Bernd EnsingVan 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences

Hamiltonian Adaptive Hybrid Atomistic/Coarse-grain Molecular Dynamics

Joep EversEindhoven University of Technology

Mass evolution: application to pedestrians

Francis FilbetInstitut Camille Jordan
On the approximation of the Boltzmann equation in various regime
Illia HorenkoInstitute of Computational Science
Time series analysis and data-driven model discrimination beyond usual assumptions: ideas, methods and examples
Markus HütterEindhoven University of Technology
From noise to music: Statistical mechanics route to constitutive models
Kody J.H. LawUniversity of Warwick
Dimension-independent likelihood-informed MCMC samplers
Frederic LegollÉcole nationale des ponts et chaussées
Two topics related to inverse problems in stochastic homogenization
Ben LeimkuhlerUniversity of Edinburgh
Accurate and efficient molecular sampling with very large timestep
Peter-Jan van LeeuwenUniversity of Reading
James McDonaldUniversity of Ottawa
A unified method for the prediction of continuum and transition-regime gas flows
Adrian MunteanEindhoven University of Technology
Mathematics of concrete: Case studies in non-periodic averaging
Keith MyerscoughCentrum Wisunde & Informatica

Enforcing the kinetic energy spectrum in in a model for atmospheric turbulence using a feedback control

Kees OosterleeCentrum Wiskunde & Informatica
Lorenzo PareschiUniversity of Ferrara

Exponential integrators for kinetic equations

Greg PavliotisImperial College London
Data driven approaches to the modeling of multiscale systems
Mark PeletierEindhoven University of Technology

How do fluctuations behave under coarse-graining?

Sebastian ReichUniversität Potsdam
The McKean optimal transportation approach to data assimilation
Giovanni SamaeyK.U. Leuven

Projective integration methods for kinetic equations

Manuel TorrilhonRWTH Aachen University
Modeling Non-Equilibrium Gas Flows
Ynte VanderhoydoncUniversity of Antwerp
Numerical lifting operators for kinetic Boltzmann models
Clemens VerhooselEindhoven University of Technology
Isogeometric analysis of failure processes across the scales
Jonathan WeareUniversity of Chicago
Improved diffusion Monte Carlo for quantum Monte Carlo, rare event simulation, data assimilation, and more
Armin WesterkampRWTH Aachen University
Multidimensional Numerics and Simulation for Moment Approximations of the Boltzmann Equation
Sergiy ZhukIBM Research
Parameter identification and state estimation for linear parabolic equations