Orthopaedic Biomechanics

Contact: Keita Ito

Musculoskeletal tissues are produced, maintained and adapted by cells as a response to their biophysical environment in health and disease. Of the latter, degenerative diseases have become more prevalent with an increasing socioeconomic impact in our ever aging population. With increased longevity and a higher level of activity, current treatment methods with purely synthetic devices may be limited. In this section, the disciplines of engineering and biology are combined to expand our understanding of the biomechanical function of musculoskeletal tissues as well as their adaptive developmental and physiological nature. The current goals are to investigate the mechanisms of degenerative diseases and to develop regenerative treatment strategies as applied to three musculoskeletal tissues, i.e. bone, articular cartilage, and the intervertebral disc.

Multiscale aspects: the theoretical approach of porous media also in gels and shale. For instance working with lasers: light as an optical pincet.

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