Workshops HTSC Consortium Day

1. Beyond Rigid Body

Thinking beyond a rigid body approach is not entirely new in high tech industry. We have handled flexible substrates, built deformable mirrors, and applied compliancy compensation in robotics and accurate motion systems. Moving forward, however, we see challenges and related complexity further increase, asking for new multi-disciplinary concepts and further technology development. For active shape control in astronomy, microscopy and semiconductor lithography, for instance, we need very compact and energy efficient distributed actuation principles, and advanced holistic control concepts that combine (full MIMO) motion control with thermal control. In robotic systems, we need large range mechanisms and new light-weight (serial) kinematic concepts. And for (large) substrate handling we need new concepts to be able to deal with friction and related grid deformations, and new sensor principles at the point of interest.

- Participants: maxon motor, TNO

2. Contamination Control in Equipment and Processes

High-end processes demand with increasing significance cleanliness of the equipment used. Regardless of the type of contamination, .e.g. particulates, molecules, ionic, bacterial, the impact on process, end-product and environment should be minimized. To that end, new approaches need to be explored and introduced. Examples of such approaches, currently entering the explorative research phase are: in-situ plasma cleaning, modeling of particle migration in low pressure environments, plasma-driven molecular contamination suppression, sterilization of equipment, etc.     

- Participants: NTS group, TNO

3. Cooperative Robotics for the AgroFood

From historic perspective, the Dutch have a strong international position within AgroFood and High Tech systems, and further connection of these domains could generate break-through solutions in the AgroFood sector. We see high-tech ‘cloud-controlled’ robotics adding value in many industries like automotive, semiconductors and logistics that can be ported to the AgroFood domain. But we also see challenges in this domain in getting robotics economic and fit for use in an environment that is continuously changing, where no product is the same and the challenge is to deliver uniform quality under flexible conditions. This asks for a system engineering approach with a holistic view on the eco-system.

- Participants: DoMicro, Flanders Make, Fontys, HighTechNL, maxon motor, Total Support Group

4. Scientific Instrumentation & Metrology

The purpose of this workshop is to identify trends and roadmaps of (high performance / high precision) scientific instrumentation and metrology systems. Both market pull (user requirements) as well as technology push (technological possibilities) are drivers for innovation in this field. Product roadmaps will be ‘boiled down’ to technology roadmaps, which in turn can be forged into common or shared technology programs for the High Tech Systems Center. The workshops are intended to have a strong interactive nature.

- Participants: IBS Precision Engineering, Thermo Fisher Scientific, TNO, TU Delft

5. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The Internet of Things shows every sign of rapidly transforming industry. Gathering, analyzing and sharing of meaningful and actionable data between systems to improve productivity and product quality is at the heart of the IIoT. If we manage to successfully enable and develop the IIoT it will unlock a lot of value and generate new (service) business models. To overcome the complexity involved and to benefit from the opportunity we propose to team up. Our offer is to put your key technical challenges in this area on our research agenda!

- Participants: Additive Industries, ASML, Bosch Rexroth, Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V., Flanders Make, LIOF, TNO, TNO-ESI, Ultimaker

6. Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing for High-Performance Functional Parts

Novel multi-material additive manufacturing technologies enable the design of smart functions for increased performance of high-end equipment, such as lightweight-rigid structures, advanced cooling systems, and improved mechanical functionality.
The workshop will focus on multi-material solutions for increased performance in high-tech systems. Aspects include: lightweight (unit cells, multi-material substructures for zero expansion, integrated functions, freeform (for instance pixel cooling, directional anisotropy, topology optimization).

- Participants: Additive Industries, ASML, Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V,  DoMicro BV, IBS Precision Engineering, LIOF, TNO, Total Support Group, Ultimaker 

7. Precision Stages

Motion stages are at the heart of precision equipment. Next generation stages need to operate at the limits of feasible precision with picometer resolutions, hundreds of Hertz bandwidths, and sub-ångström stability levels. Relevant topics are:

  • Flexure systems for smooth and repeatable motion,
  • Piezo-based actuation to distribute actuation forces,
  • Active and passive damping against internal vibrations,
  • Vibration isolation against external disturbances.

- Participants: IBS Precision Engineering, NTS group, Thermo Fisher Scientific

8. Efficient Software Development for High Tech Systems

Embedded software in high-end equipment rapidly becomes a critical part of the system: both in terms of the amount of functionality handled by software components, as well as the amount of maintenance required to keep a system operational. In addition to requiring embedded software components to be correct, there is a clear need for an efficient development process that is based on model based design, can deal with legacy and takes advantage of virtualization techniques. More aspects are relevant, such as multi-domain, resilience, intelligent/learning software.
On the consortium day, we would like to, based on your inputs, make an inventory of critical industry needs, see how these map on existing research bodies like TNO/ESI, and how we can improve the connection to the integral system design of high-end systems.

- Participants: Bosch Rextroth, CORDIS Automation, TNO-ESI