12 December - Research Meet

On December 12, 2017, TU/e High Tech Systems Center organizes the HTSC Research Meet. 

Location: Ceres building, building 7, room 0.31
Address: Groene Loper, TU/e Campus site

15:05News on HTSC

Virtualisation: engineering or engineering fiction 

Mark van den Brand (TU/e and HTSC)


Research Pitches

17:00Networking & drinks
18:00 End

Virtualisation: engineering or engineering fiction?

The development of high tech systems has become extremely expensive and time consuming. Developing prototypes is too expensive and are eventually sold as products. The traditional way of working where first the hardware is being developed and then the software is being produced and tested on the hardware is no longer possible.

Hardware and software needs to be developed in parallel. The testing of the software needs to be done in a simulation environment where a small component is "virtualised". The virtualisation of large components or an entire machine is possible but hardly explored. There are success stories, for instance the virtualisation of the paper flow in the new generation of OCÉ printers. There are a number of unanswered questions. Is it possible to develop virtual components without having physical components first? What is the goal of virtual components? Is it possible to have virtual and physical components in parallel? How to develop virtual components in an efficient way? Are virtual components sufficiently precise?