Keynote 1 - How will robotics shape your future?

Time: 11:00 - 11:25

Presenter: Maarten Steinbuch
Research group: Control Systems Technology
Department: Mechanical Engineering
University: Eindhoven University of Technology

We will increasingly be surrounded by intelligent technology. Cars will evolve into iPads on wheels and all kinds of robots will help do our job and take care for the ill and elderly. Every day the interaction between humans and technology will increase. It will change society and this revolution offers opportunities for solving social problems. For the high tech industries it means that technological changes will speed up. The systems thinking, integration and multi-disciplinary aspects will become key enablers for innovation. 

Keynote 2 - Energy-based robotics: the only way to stable interaction

Time: 13.15 - 13:40

Presenter: Stramigioli
Research group: Robotics and Mechatronics
Department: Advanced Robotics
University: University of Twente 

Robotics is the future and in this future people and machine will cooperate and physically interact more and more. How can we be sure that robots will always behave safely interacting with an unknown environment? In the lecture an answer to this fundamental question will be given together with an overview of relevant robotic applications which will possibly change the way we look at surgery, maintenance and inspection and more.

Keynote 3 - Robots in the agri-food chain, challenges and opportunities

Time: 16:00 - 16:30

Presenter: Eldert van Henten
Research group: Farm Technology
Department: Plant Sciences
University: Wageningen University & Research

Agriculture is facing some major challenges and high-tech systems including vision and robotics are expected to address some of them by contributing to a smarter and more sustainable agricultural production. This presentation will provide a short overview of state of the art in this field and give insight into (non-)technical challenges and opportunities of high-tech in the agri-food chain.