The High Tech Systems Center focuses on high-tech equipment, instruments and robotics. In this environment, experimentation is the ultimate check. In addition, constructing and operating prototype systems will require a number of custom-built test rigs, Proof of Principle setups and dedicated lab space and measuring equipment for the various research lines. We expect to need about 1000 m2 of lab space for these activities.

The different research groups participating in HTSC also have their own lab spaces, for example:

  • The Motion and Robotics Laboratory, providing a combined educational and research facility for MSc and PhD projects. Because of the successful growth of the robotics activities, TU/e  opened this Lab in 2011 combining our haptics, RoboCup activities and RoboEarth projects. The lab has a playing field for the Middle Size RoboCup, a simulated hospital room for RoboEarth and domestic environments for @Home. All robotics-related MSc and PhD students are located in an office area close to the experiments.
  • The Constructions and Mechanisms (C&M) Laboratory, in which about 6 - 8 PhDs and 10 MSc students specialize in the design and construction of machines, instruments and consumer products, with a focus on positioning and manipulation using design principles.
  • The Power Electronics Design Laboratory provides a research environment for both MSc and PhD students to work on the power converter topologies and their analog/digital control design. The lab includes various prototypes from the research, such as power converters for power quality correction in grids, power amplifiers for contactless energy transfer, multilevel converters and multi-input single-input converters.