HTSC technology and market needs

The center's research is focused, yet provides technology for a broad range of market segments. Superior mechatronic systems or manufacturing technologies and infrastructures are achieved across all application sectors through attention for better, and better integrated, components to achieve complete systems (also known as system architectures). Correct system architectures are critical for final performance and manufacturability. Innovation at both the component and integration level is enhanced by today's constantly increasing computational power. 


The challenge of increasing complexity of systems together with increasing reliability requirements can only be met today by well structured, verifiable or automatically generated software. The center will be unique in integrating these important themes into a multidisciplinary, industry-driven science approach.

HTSC and its embedding in the High Tech Systems Ecosystem

One of the mission statements of HTSC is to be the primary driver and network center of the Dutch mechatronics ecosystem, in which it will actively support and initiate cooperation between OEMs, SMEs and knowledge institutes. With this strong network between HTSC and other knowledge institutes together with industry it will be able to address critical challenges facing the sector.