Cooperation with industry

HTSC aims at developing long-term strategic partnerships with industry consisting of larger, mutually defined, multidisciplinary research programs. These research roadmaps constitute and fit within the overall HTSC research roadmap and take the different nature of the industrial partners and HTSC into account. This is achieved for example by the introduction of Industrial fellows into the governance structure of the HTSC, and also through the industrial advisory board. The industrial fellows ensure the alignment of research programs with industrial R&D challenges within the industry, making use of HTSC’s systems experience.

HTSC has specific means (‘enablers’) available to ensure optimum links with the industry partners, such as regular network meetings, as well as PhD and PDEng projects, part-time professors from industry and TU/e, and a governance structure that enables and facilitates roadmap discussions with industry.

As well as OEMs, special attention will also be given to the involvement of SMEs. HTSC will use existing collaboration and valorization clusters such as Brainport development, High Tech NL, Brainport industries and CFT 2.0, BOM and the TU/e Innovation Lab to provide structured support for SMEs. Topics of interest that will be addressed include:

  • HTSC as local expert for advice;
  • Direct access to technology by MSc and PDEng students;
  • Educational support to increase the level of expertise of first-tier suppliers in line with OEM specifications.

Important sectors for our center are:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Solar Energy
  • Instrumentation
  • Robotics
  • Healthcare
  • AgroFood