Tom Huiskamp gaines his PhD cum laude

Tom Huiskamp of the Department of Electrical Engineering has gained his PhD cum laude. He defended his PhD thesis, titled Nanosecond Pulsed Power Technology for Transient Plasma Generation, 29 September in the Auditorium building of the university.

The PhD thesis of Huiskamp is about generation of plasma’s. Plasma’s can be used to clean air in a very energy efficient way. But this requires a certain type of pulse source that did not exist yet. The researcher developed such a source. It generates ultrashort high voltage pulses that can be controlled in detail.

PhD awards with the honor of ‘cum laude’ are relatively rare, and an average of five percent of all theses at TU/e are considered for this distinction. To be eligible the PhD work must be of exceptional quality, and must be performed with an exceptional level of autonomy.

As of May this year Huiskamp is a postdoctoral researcher at TU/e.