Ruud Sprangers has obtained his PhD cum laude

Ruud Sprangers of the Department of Electrical Engineering has obtained his PhD cum laude. September 17, he defended his PhD thesis, titled 'Towards Increased Understanding of Low-Power Induction and Synchronous Reluctance Machines Harmonic Modeling of Complex Electromagnetic Phenomena'.

The PhD thesis of Sprangers is focused on electrical motors with little power for agricultural - and industrial applications. Sprangers has investigated possible efficiency improvements in induction motors, specifically for use in ventilation systems.

Sprangers executed his research within the group Electromechanics and Power Electronics (EPE) of the Department of Electrical Engineering. His supervisors were Johan Paulides en prof.dr. Elena Lomonova.

PhD awards with the honor of 'cum laude' are relatively rare, and an average of five percent of all theses at TU/e are considered for this distinction. To be eligible the PhD work must be of exceptional quality, and must be performed with an exceptional level of autonomy