Succesfull participation TU/e HTSC and TNO in HTS2016

High Tech Systems Center (TU/e HTSC) and TNO are promoters of the Smart Industry Fieldlab, MultiM3D; an example of strengthening the Dutch knowledge and innovative power of the Dutch industry regarding industrial additive manufacturing. On Thursday, March 24, at the High Tech Systems 2016 exhibition in Eindhoven, both organizations were present at a joint stand focusing on the field of additive manufacturing systems.  This unique collaboration between HTSC and TNO attracted a high level of interest, and was a large success at the exhibition.

Several representatives of the HTSC chaired three of four themes: Frank Sperling (program manager) for the theme Smart Industry, Gerard Beenker (consultant) and Katja Pahnke (managing director) for the theme Agro & Food, Ton Peijnenburg (fellow) and Jesse Scholtes (project leader) the theme Robotics. And experts from TU/e gave insight in the themes Smart Industry and Robotics. Sandro Etalle gave a fascinating presentation about Cybersecurity and the machine. The talk of Herman Bruyninckx explains the research towards changing the approach of programming and controlling mobile manipulation tasks, which, especially in industrial service robotics context, can lead to a revolutionary step change in applications. And Jordan Bos focused Robotics from another angle: Robosculpt: A surgery robot for precision bone sculpturing.

High Tech Systems 2016
The High Tech Systems exhibition is a one-day event held in Eindhoven, which highlights key enabling technologies and high-end system development for markets where smart engineering and technology make a difference. The HTS2016 is aimed at developers, technical managers and decision makers in the field of advanced engineering. Looking forward, the HTS Exhibition, organized by the TU/e HTSC and Techwatch, will likely to add an academic track to the program.