Animation Studio

The Institute for Complex Molecular Systems stimulates and facilitates cooperation between researchers of different disciplines in order to respond to the growing complexity of current research and to allow research on the border of the traditional disciplines. Since the (atomic) scale and dynamic nature of the investigated systems cannot be easily captured in illustrations, the ICMS, by means of the Animation Studio, has the facility to create animations and illustrations for presentations and publications. This allows researchers to convey their ideas to fellow researchers in a convenient, yet appealing way and helps to get their research noticed in the vast amount of scientific work presented each year.

• Create high quality and visually appealing animations/illustrations
• Depict scientific content accurately
• Actively participate in process from science to animation/illustration
• Stimulate discussion
• Create public awareness/recognition of the ICMS

We all know the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”; just imagine what 25 pictures a second can do for you! The animations we create are typically used in presentations and, therefore, will be short (30−90 seconds) and without an audio track. Versions open to the general public (e.g. YouTube), have background music and include a voice over.  For some examples of our work please visit our YouTube channel.

Not everything needs to be animated, also illustrations can be very useful to clarify concepts, setups or processes in papers and presentations. In communication with the press, high quality illustrations can help in convincing them to print your story.