Mission and Goals

Institute for Complex Molecular Systems: New technologies by mastering complexity
Mastering complexity requires a deep understanding on how matter – both natural and artificial – self-organizes into functional molecular systems. The Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS) of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) was established in 2008 and brings together mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and engineering to stimulate education and research in this emerging field of science. Interdisciplinarity is the core of ICMS; with the specialized input from leading specialists in different branches of science and engineering, new avenues are explored, where mastering complexity is the leading theme.

Our mission is to become the leading international multidisciplinary institute for research and education in the area of the engineering of complex molecular systems. We do this via:

  • Performing top research in Complex Molecular Systems
  • Training of talented young scientists
  • Being the hotspot for interdisciplinary science activities of TU/e
  • Foundation and housing of the Advanced Study Center

The scientific agenda of ICMS consists of three lines of research:

  1. Functional molecular systems (program leader prof.dr. E.W. Meijer)
  2. Bio inspired engineering (program leaders prof.dr.ir. M.W.J. Prins and dr. P.Y.W. Dankers)
  3. Complexity Hub (program leaders prof.dr. Rutger van Santen and prof.dr. Mark Peletier)

ICMS aims at offering an ideal training environment for all young students and scientists to prepare themselves for a future career in science and engineering in a world of increased complexity.    
Within ICMS, Master and PhD students can follow a certificate program, which helps them to develop skills to work in a multidisciplinary research environment. 

ICMS hosts the Advanced Study Center, a breeding ground for new interdisciplinary research. It serves as an intellectual home to scientist from all over the world, hosting discussions on the theme of complexity. It is also the home of the Eindhoven Multiscale Institute (EMI) and the Eindhoven Polymer Laboratories (EPL).

The relationship with industry is strengthened via the Industrial Consortium – where science meets innovation.

Subscription mailing list: If you are a student or employee of TU/e, and you like to receive invitations for lectures and other scientific meetings of interest for the area of complex molecular systems, please send an e-mail to icms@tue.nl.