ICMS Outreach Symposium January 21-22 2016

21 January to 22 January
Eindhoven University of Technology, Filmzaal (Zwarte Doos)/ Blauwe Zaal (Auditorium)

Registration can be done via email icms@tue.nl. Please include the day(s) you attend and if you join lunch (Thursday and/or Friday) and dinner (Thursday).

Outreach Symposium
Institute for Complex Molecular Systems
Eindhoven University of Technology

The two-day ICMS Outreach Symposium is the occasion to learn more about new developments in molecular systems presented by invited speakers and TU/e speakers. The first day will focus on bio-inspired engineering with a strong emphasis on biological systems, biomaterials, and polymers, where theory, chemistry, physics and applications are discussed. The second day is organized together with the Dutch initiative and Gravitation Program “Functional Molecular Systems”. Here an expert view on future developments will be presented by world-leaders in the field of adaptive and responsive molecular materials and systems.

Program Thursday January 21, 2016
Location: Eindhoven University of Technology, Zwarte Doos, Filmzaal

10.00  Registration; coffee and tea 

           Prof.dr.ir. Menno Prins and dr.dr. Patricia Dankers, chairs 
10.30  Prof.dr. Bert Meijer, TU/e
10.35  Prof.dr. Marileen Dogterom, Delft University of Technology
            Reconstituting cytoskeletal organization in artificial confinement
11.20  Prof.dr. Mikko Karttunen, TU/e
            Fun with particles!
11.50  Dr. Iddo Heller, VU University Amsterdam
Optical manipulation and nanoscopy: quantifying DNA-protein
            interactions one at a time

12.20   Lunch

13.30  Prof.dr. Karen Christman, University of California San Diego, USA
            Designing injectable materials for the heart
14.15  Dr. Kees Storm, TU/e
            Instructive biological environments: Mechanosensing and durotaxis
14.45  Dr. Nicholas Kurniawan, TU/e
            Breaking down cell–matrix interactions

15.15  Break

15.45  Dr. Tonny Bosman, SupraPolix
           Supramolecular biomedical materials in action
16.00  Dr. Martijn Cox, Xeltis
   Bringing supramolecular polymers to the patient
16.15  Olga Goor MSc, TU/e
            New developments in the design of next generation Supramolecular
16.30  Valentina Bonito MSc, TU/e
            Inflammatory response modulation in instructive supramolecular
            materials for in-situ vascular regeneration
16.45  Forum discussion
17.00  Prof.dr.ir. Gerrit Peters, TU/e
           Flow induced Crystallization of Polypropylene: Modelling Formation of
           Multiple Crystal Phases & Multiple Morphologies

17.30  Closure

17.45  Poster presentation and drinks followed by dinner in Ceres
            building (ends at 21.00)

Program Friday January 22, 2016
Location: Eindhoven University of Technology, Auditorium, Blauwe Zaal

08.30  Registration; coffee and tea 

            Prof.dr. Bert Meijer, chair first sessions
09.00  Welcome
09.05  Prof.dr. Joanna Aizenberg, Harvard University, USA
            Adaptively reconfigurable architectures: Using out-of-equilibrium
            systems to create self-regulated materials

09.50  Prof.dr.ir. René Janssen, TU/e
            Recent advances in hybrid organic - inorganic solar cells  
10.20  Prof.dr.ir. Jan van Hest, Radboud University Nijmegen
           Adaptive and bio-inspired nanocompartments  

10.50  Break  

11.15  Prof.dr. Sijbren Otto, University of Groningen
            Towards De-novo Life: Adaption and diversification of self-replicating
11.45  Prof.dr. Chris Hunter, Cambridge University, UK
            Synthetic information molecules
12.15  Prof.dr. Wilhelm Huck, Radboud University Nijmegen 
From self-assembly to self-organization: controlling reaction networks
            in space and time

 12.45  Lunch

           Prof.dr. Frank Baaijens, rector magnificus of the TU/e, chair of the third
14.00  Prof.dr. Ben Feringa, University of Groningen
            Exploring molecular motion
14.30  Prof.dr. Bert Meijer, TU/e
            Supramolecular materials and systems 
15.00  Prof.dr. George Whitesides, Harvard University, USA
            Dissipative systems and synthetic complexity
15.45  Closure

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