Master program

Each student will follow an MSc degree program in a Graduate Program of the TU/e departments. The Complex Molecular Systems master program is an additional program and results in a certificate handed over to the student at the diploma ceremony.

The ICMS master program needs to be done on top of the master degree program. The topics chosen by the student within the program should reflect the interdisciplinary nature of ICMS. In addition to the 20 or 12,5 cp study program the student needs to do his/her undergraduate project with one of the staff members of ICMS (see website for an overview of ICMS staff members). The total study load during the master phase is 140 (120+20) cp for the two-year program or of 132,5 (120+12,5) cp for the one-year program.

As a participant of the ICMS master program you will become a member of the ICMS community. This will help you learn to know much more about different staff members and research areas within your own and other departments. You are invited to join activities like:

  • Two-weekly discussion meeting
  • Scientific lectures
  • Science classes (especially aiming at bachelor and master students)
  • Yearly Outreach Symposium

In addition you can apply for one of the student research jobs (studentassistentschappen) within ICMS.

Students participating in the master program can apply for a PhD position within the ICMS, however no position is guaranteed beforehand.

Two-year program

One-year program

Student starts with the ICMS program in the first year of the master

Student starts with the ICMS program in the second year of the master

2,5 cp Scientific skills

2,5 cp Scientific skills

2,5 cp ICMS Lectures 1

2,5 cp ICMS Lectures 1

10 cp Electives

5 cp Electives

2,5 cp ICMS Lectures 2


2,5 cp Master thesis Communication

2,5 cp Master thesis Communication

20 cp Total

12,5 cp Total