ICMS Industrial Challenge

New science is inspired by grand societal and industrial challenges. The ICMS brings together a range of disciplines to stimulate research and education at the highest level. Following the ICMS mission statement ‘new science and technologies by mastering complexity’ the ICMS Industrial Challenge aims to connect creative minds in science and in industry to bring a new scientific perspective to approach an industrial problem. The ICMS Industrial Challenge will foster the formation of a scientific community connecting academia and industry to develop long-term research collaborations as well as to support career development of ICMS members.

Representatives from the participating companies will formulate industrial and societal challenges for which a solution is sought, in the scientific fields of functional molecular systems, bio-inspired engineering, and complexity science. The ICMS challenge members will identify and extract scientific challenges from the presented problems and work to find a novel solution.

The companies taking part in the first ICMS Industrial Challenge are:
From each of these involved companies, a representative will work in collaboration with a team of MSc, PhD students and postdocs, to guide them in their search for an innovative solution to the provided challenge.

ICMS Challenge Kick Off – 11th May 2017

On Thursday the 11th of May, a kick-off event will be held in the Ceres building on the TU/e campus, where the industry representatives will present the cases that they have formulated to the public. The problem statements will be made available on a new version of the website in time before the event. The presentations are followed by a borrel where researchers that are interested in participating can meet with each other and with company representatives Teams of young scientists can then form around one of the challenges presented, based on their common interests.

Development and Final Event
In the months following the kick-off, the teams will start to share their ideas, knowledge and insights to establish an approach for solving the stated challenge. Science café meetings will be held with the company representatives and ICMS staff to share and discuss progress.
In October, preliminary pitches will be presented by the teams and the strongest teams selected to proceed to the final round of the challenge. By January 2018, the selected teams will have completed their solutions and will present this in front of an audience and a jury at the ICMS Outreach Symposium. This event will conclude the first edition of the ICMS challenge.

April 2017: problem statements will be made available for the public
May 11, 2017: Industrial Challenge Kick-off event in Ceres 0.31
September 22, 2017: IIC follow-up meeting in Ceres 0.31
October 2017: Teams pitch their approaches to the challenge
January 2018: Outreach Symposium

For more information please contact icms@tue.nl