Industrial consortium

Reaching out

With the establishment of an industrial consortium ICMS reaches out. Mutual benefits are being sought by combining industrial research and development with more fundamental sciences. While the industrial members stay up to date with the most recent developments, ICMS scientists get inspiration for their research.

The industrial consortium currently comprises five members. With them, ICMS has been working intensively to compile the best package favoring all parties. ICMS will further expand the consortium in the near future. Members are being located in the Netherlands as well as in neighboring countries, at a close enough range to easily attend meetings and enable face-to-face contact. As part of the membership company co-workers can visit lectures and workshops, use the Advanced Study Center, participate in courses and access ICMS’ state-of-the-art infrastructure.

To further promote knowledge exchange, ICMS organizes the yearly Outreach Symposium. Access to the symposium is only for ICMS consortium partners. During the Outreach Symposium both the companies and ICMS members will present on ongoing research, enabling an exchange of knowledge and ideas. ICMS’ outstanding master and PhD students and postdocs have the opportunity to learn about these companies and meet their researchers, and vice versa. In this way we facilitate matchmaking between companies and possible future co-workers as well.

“mutual inspiration between ICMS and industry through our industrial consortium.”

Sagitta Peters
(Former managing director Institute for Complex Molecular Systems)