NWO NEWPOL projects for ICMS members

NWO Chemical Sciences has granted six projects in the field of new polymers, of which three from ICMS members. These grants are part of the public-private collaboration program NEWPOL and are worth about 140.000 euros each. The research projects will be executed in collaboration with the Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI) and aim at the development of new polymer materials that can help in fulfilling the societal and industrial needs of sustainability and multi-functionality. The three projects are:
Polymers becoming smart - prof.dr. Albert Schenning, prof.dr.ing. Cees Bastiaansen and dr.ir. Tom Engels
Supramolecular biomaterials for stem cell expansion - prof.dr. Bert Meijer and dr.ir. Anja Palmans
Super active anti-microbial material for tissue repair - dr.dr. Patricia Dankers and dr. Bas Zaat (AMC, Amsterdam)

More information: http://www.nwo.nl/actueel/nieuws/2016/cw/toekenningen-newpol.html