Introduction Monique Bruining

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself briefly.

After obtaining my Master’s degree in Chemical Technology (organic chemistry) from Eindhoven University of Technology in 1997, I moved to Maastricht University to work on my PhD.  There I was able to combine my interests in chemistry and biology towards research focusing on ophthalmic biomaterials. After obtaining my PhD in 2001, I embarked on a career in industry at Johnson & Johnson, where I worked for 8 years, initially as a scientist and at a later stage in a technical support role for marketed products. The key element of this job was solving problems related to pharmaceutical ingredients. It is here that I learned that supporting researchers on their journey towards their goals and developing effective and efficient processes to facilitate research is my true passion. In 2008 I joined DPI (The Polymer Research Platform), where I was able to put this passion into practice by setting up international collaboration platforms where researchers from academia and industry met to build on each other’s ideas and stimulate innovation.

I very much look forward to performing my new role at ICMS and to build on the foundation laid by Sagitta Peters and the entire ICMS community. My aim will be to create new opportunities related to academia, industry, and granting agents in the interest of multidisciplinary research. I am very excited to start at ICMS and to work with you on the challenges that lie ahead. Together we will take ICMS forward towards new horizons.