“Secret Science of Santa Claus”

After the success of his first book “Secrets of Superhero Science”, Dr. Barry Fitzgerald, a postdoctoral researcher at 3mE in Delft and former postdoctoral researcher at the ICMS, has self-published his follow-up book entitled “Secret Science of Santa Claus”.

In his new book, Barry discusses the advanced science used by Santa Claus during his incredible round-the-world journey on Christmas Eve. From the secret to flying reindeer to the science behind Santa’s advanced weather predictions and from teleportation to 3D bio printing, Barry describes the real science behind one of the greatest expeditions undertaken by humanity. Barry reflects on how Santa’s deliveries might change in the future as the population of the world continues to increase and we set forth to colonize the Solar System.

Barry recently had an article about the book published in the Cursor, an article that was featured on the front cover of the paper. The book also been featured in articles in the Trouw newspaper, on the NEMO Kennislink website and on BBC’s online Science Focus magazine.

For more information on the book go to www.bwscience.com.

On the research side of things, Barry has just had a paper accepted for publication in Physical Review E entitled “Simple diffusion hopping model with convection”. His co-authors for the article are Johan Padding and Rutger van Santen.