Peter Korevaar wins the 2015 IUPAC-SOLVAY International Award for Young Chemists

The 2015 International Award for Young Chemists from the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and Solvay is intended to encourage outstanding young research scientists at the beginning of their careers. The five best Ph.D. theses in the chemical sciences of the year 2014 as described in a 1000-word essay are selected by an international jury. In his award winning essay Peter Korevaar describes pathway complexity in π-conjugated materials and how he unraveled the dynamics of aggregation pathways in molecular self-assembly. He will receive a cash prize of USD 1000 and travel expenses to the 45th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress, 9-14 August 2015, in Busan, Korea. He will also be invited to present a poster at the IUPAC Congress describing his award-winning work and to submit a short critical review on aspects of his research topic to be published in Pure and Applied Chemistry.

Peter Korevaar received his PhD cum laude in 2014 with E.W. Meijer and T.F.A. de Greef and recently also received the KNCV Challa Polymer Prize. At present, he is a post-doctoral researcher at Harvard University with Professor Joanna Aizenberg.