500th ICMS affiliated paper published

Since its start, ICMS keeps a list with publications which are published with ICMS as (co-)affiliation. October last year we reached the 400th ICMS publication and now we can announce that the 500th ICMS publication has recently been published in PNAS magazine. Congratulations to Ilja Voets and co-authors! A bottle of wine is on the way to celebrate this milestone.

L.L.C. Olijve, K. Meister, A.L. DeVries, J.G. Duman, S. Guo, H.J. Bakker, I.K. Voets, Blocking rapid ice crystal growth through nonbasal plane adsorption of antifreeze proteins, Proc. Nat. Ac. Sci. U.S.A. published online (2016)