Facilities, equipment & expertises

Overview of equipment in the ICMS lab

DLS/DDLS/SLS (Contact dr. Hans Wyss)
ALV/CGS-3 MD-4 compact goniometer system equipped with a multiple tau digital real time correlator (ALV-7004) (solid state laser: λ = 532 nm; 40 mW)

(Gi)SAXS/WAXS (Contact dr. Ilja Voets)
Ganesha X-ray instrument equipped with a GeniX-Cu ultra low divergence source (l= 1.54 Å, flux of 1x108 ph/s), a Pilatus 300K silicon pixel detector (487 x 619 pixels of 172 x 172 μm2); Linkam temperature controller (-80 – 250 °C), Julabo temperature controller (-5 – 80 °C), q-range 0.003 - 3 Å-1

CD (Contact Daan van der Zwaag MSc)
Jasco J-815 CD/LD spectrometer (163 – 900 nm) with Peltier temperature controller (-10 – 110 °C)

Stopped flow / Temperature jump (Contact dr.ir. Tom de Greef and ir. Lenny Meijer)
Bio-logic SFM400 with Bio-logic  MOS-500 CD/UV/PL spectrometer

IR/VCD (Contact Beatrice Adelizzi)
Bruker Tensor 27 Infrared spectrometer equipped with GladiATR variable temperature accessory (20 oC – 200 oC) (Pike technologies) and interchangeable sample compartment.
Bruker PMA 50 (VCD) with a PEM 100 controller and SR380 DSP lock-in amplifier (Stanford Research Systems).

AFM (Contact Balu N.S. Thota)
Asylum Research MFP-3D-Bio with possibility for contact mode, non-contact mode, force mode and force mapping measurements. Includes an iDrive accessory and fluid/liquid cells

Nikon N-STORM (Contact Daan van der Zwaag MSc and Antonio Aloi MSc)
Agilent laser box (405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 647nm), Epi and TIRF illumination modes, ixon3 ANDOR camera, Nikon module for STORM imaging and analysis.

DHM (Contact dr. Danqing Liu)
Lyncée tec DHM R2100 digital holographic microscopy offers real-time measurements of surface profiles at a non-scanning and non-contact mode. Two monochromatic laser sources (666nm, 794nm) are equipped for measuring complex or structures. Dynamic surface topographies can be analysed down a resolution of micrometers and the height of nanometers.

POM (Contact dr. Danqing Liu)
Nikon Ci-POL polarizing microscope with Diascopic and Episcopic illumination, equipped with a Berek compensator (retardation 0 to 1800 mn), Linkam temperature controller (-196 to 420 oC). 

Densiometry (Contact Sheen SahebAli MSc)
Anton Paar DMA 5000M

Refractometry (Contact Sheen SahebAli MSc)
60/ED Abbe refractometer

Several microfluidics setups (Contact Daan van der Zwaag MSc)

For more general information about ICMS Lab, contact Sheen SahebAli (Lab Coordinator)