Technical Trajectory

Theme: The Liberation of Light

Innovations in lighting are timely, urgent and require a multidisciplinary perspective. There is a clear and urgent need for engineers with this expertise, given the revolutionary rate of innovations in lighting technology and control, the growing awareness of our need for sustainable solutions, and the increasing insights in the crucial role of light for human health and wellbeing. In this technical trajectory, these new developments will be considered within important new application domains, as reflected in the program lines of the Intelligent Lighting Institute. Currently these lines are:

  • Bright Environments, interaction with and control of complex, interactive, and dynamic lighting systems
  • Sound Lighting, intelligent indoor lighting applications harnessing (day)light for optimal human functioning and health,
  • Light by Design investigates advanced physical models describing the interaction of light with optical systems and develop efficient numerical simulation methods for the design of these systems. 

The Technical Lighting Trajectory “The liberation of light” is designed to train engineers from different backgrounds, uniquely equipped to face the challenges in lighting innovation.

More information about the technical trajectory: English or Dutch.