USE Trajectory

Theme: The Secret light of life

The lighting business is changing radically. Three major developments have spurred this revolution: (1) society’s growing awareness of the need to save energy, (2) recent insights in light’s pathways through the brain and its impact on human health & functioning, and (3) the introduction of LED, a low power, flexible light source, offering potential for miniaturization, embedding, and advanced dynamic control. All these developments have direct implications for users and society at large. We can now offer tailored light conditions to optimise human performance, health and wellbeing, and balance human needs with environmental impact.

The Secret Life of Light USE course sequence is designed to raise awareness of the impact of light on human functioning to equip engineers from different backgrounds with the necessary insights in psychological and biological lighting needs and with tools to address such needs, and to face the challenges in multi-stakeholder lighting innovation. This USE sequence is coordinated by the Intelligent Lighting Institute (ILI).

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