La Place

New facilities for the Intelligent Lighting Institute, the up and running LIGHTLAB in the basement of the Laplace building! Track people with a light spot and to create wonderful dynamic effects. Make light tangible using a laser, smoke machine and a fan. Create walls of light. Explore the relation between mood and colour by painting the whole studio with plenty of colored light as well as with warm/cold white light! 

Light can only be evaluated by seeing and experiencing: it is intangible and hard to prototype without real equipment. Designing (with) light in a successful way demands a highly explorative and physical process: creation, tests and iteration to gradually find subtle solutions with the largest effect. With the new LIGHTLAB we make the required facilities available for students and researchers.

The LIGHTLAB provides dedicated (dark) spaces for light research and exploration and a wide variety of equipment to create light settings. The flexible set-up of the LIGHTLAB allows users to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Four scales of prototyping and exploration are available to make exploration with light as easy as possible:

  1. Box: Inside small boxes, using LEDs and prop materials it is possible to make quick iterations on scale.
  2. Cubicle: within 1 cubic meter it’s possible to create light setting on larger scale but still with LED’s or small lighting equipment. A high power 12V supply ring is available to work safely with light and drivers. The cubicles have exchangeable walls to support exploration with paint or covering.
  3. Lab: a room is available to work and explore with light on full scale. User research can be done with the semi transparent mirror.
  4. Studio: Trusses with equipment are available to create explorations for theatre like settings or for explorations with an outdoor scale like for instance the development of Glow exhibitions. The studio also provides workplaces for students and researchers to develop their projects, including basic electronics facilities.