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At the end of the 2015 edition of ILIAD, the annual public outreach event of the Intelligent Lighting Institute (ILI) of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), its newest research infrastructure annex Living Lab for intelligent lighting was formally opened by Mr. J.H.J. (Jan) Mengelers, Chairman of the TU/e Executive Board. This research infrastructure annex Living Lab is going to be used by researchers

and students in the context of a number of different ILI research programs as well as by students in various different educational programs. In particular, it will be used by the Sound Lighting research program for research on how light/lighting influences (the behavior of) people and it will also be used by

the Bright Environments research program for research on new systems and software architectures for ‘Digitization of Light’ and the ‘Internet-of-Light’. After the formal opening, the various possibilities of the new infrastructure was demonstrated by a group of PDEng Software Technology trainees who developed a first “Internet-of-Things” architecture and example applications for the various sensors (Axis cameras, Microsoft Kinect cameras) and actuators (LED lights). After this demonstration, the event was concluded by festivities during which the audience could ‘experiment’ with one of the specific applications.