April 23, we had the first LEDtalk of 2014

Yesterday, April 23, we had the first LEDtalk of 2014. LEDtalk is organized in collaboration with the Chambre of Commerce and features four 15 minute talks on aspects of (O)LED lighting. Contributions from SME and ILI (TU/e) are alternated.
This time there was an ILI contribution by Richard Verhoeven, who presented results from the ISLES project regarding energy saving. Within the ISLES project, a test site in Achtse Barrier (Eindhoven) with dynamic lighting was set up, and to this date data are collected about the behavior of the system. Energy savings are both percentage-wise and money-wise limited; dynamic lighting serves multiple purposes, however.
A fascinating contribution was from Zary Segall from KTH, Stockholm who was invited by ILI. He presented the concept of ‘Semantic Light’ as well as ‘the Internet of Light’ by showing integration of physical objects, digital objects and light.
Videos of all presentations will be online shortly on www.ledtalks.nl.