8QB01 - Pericardial patches


  • Experimental measurement of elastic properties using a mechanical tensile testmachine.
  • Measuring the collagen orientation using a collagen-specific marker (CNA-35) and fluorescencemicroscopy.
  • Measure the collagen fraction using a hydroxyproline assay and a fotospectrometer. Measurement of the cell content with a Hoechst assay.
  • Decellularization of the tissue and measurement of the elastic properties of the remaining cell-free matrix.

Learning objectives

Training of some specific skills:

  • Measurement of mechanical properties
  • Measurement of collagen orientation in a biological tissue
  • Measurement of the cellular and collagen composition of a biological tissue
  • Mesurement of the relative contribution of these components to the mechanical properties

Training of research skills:

  • Define and describe a research project
  • Perform a research project and write a scientific report