8W100 - Numerical Analysis of Continua II


The course is a follow-up on Numerical Analysis of Continua I. The first course was on geometrically linear problems. The current course is on non-linear problems. Firstly, the focus is on solving fluid mechanics problems. Special elements to solve the Navier Stokes equation, like Crouzeix-Raviart and Taylor-Hood elements will be explained. After that constitutive models for solids at large deformations will be discussed in detail. Objectivity is an important issue. Differences between hypo- and hyper elastic models and the consequences for numerical solution strategies will be treated, resulting in updated and total Lagrangian formulations. In addition, incompressibility, solution of nonlinear visco-elastic problems and the treatment of contact will be discussed.

Learning objectives

To teach the student how to solve geometrically and physically nonlinear, time dependent problems with the Finite Element Method.