Laboratory for Biomechanics

The Laboratory for Biomechanics is located at Gemini-South 4.07. 

The Laboratory for Biomechanics is equipped for the characterization of fluid flow patterns in models of the cardiovascular system, for the characterization of mechanical properties of hard and soft tissues and for making high-resolution 3D computer reconstructions of the microarchitecture of hard tissues (e.g. bone, biomaterials) with micro-CT. Models of the cardiovascular system are used for the validation of computer models, for testing tissue engineered constructs under physiological conditions and for the development of improved techniques for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

The measurement of mechanical properties of biological tissues is essential for describing the constitutive behaviour of these tissues in computer models and for measurements of the strength of load carrying tissues under static and dynamic loading conditions. Combining these measurements with 3D computer reconstruction also enables the quantification of relationships between structural and mechanical properties of tissues.

The laboratory hosts advanced experimental circulation models, as well as equipment for dynamic and static flow and pressure measurement. Furthermore, flow velocity profiles can be visualised, using state of the art visualisation techniques. For the characterisation of mechanical properties of hard and soft tissues two mechanical test machines are available in combination with an optical strain measurement system. For functional imaging ultrasound scanners and a microCT scanner are available.

List of equipment

Transonic flow sensors2013
Passive beating heart Mock loop2013
Computerupgrade for microCT 80 (HP rx2800 8 core 64GB ram 2TB disk)2011
Zwick/Roell LaserXtens/VideoXtens optical strain measurement system2011
Mylab 70 ultrasound scanner2010
Zwick Z010 testing machine2009
Bioreactor for coronary arteries (4-channel)2008
Isolated muscle-contraction tester (2x)2008
M5 High speed video camera2008
Physiological model-controlled circulation simulator2007
Flow cabinet and valves2007
Dynamic single channel circulation model (3x)2006
Picus ultrasound system (Esaote Europe) (2x)2005
Transonic flow sensors2005
Pressure sensors2005
Transonic flow measurement equipment2002
Model of the coronary circulation2002
Scanco micro-ct scanner2000
MTS mini Bionix dynamic tensile/torsion testing machine1999
Radi pressure measurement equipment1999
Bridge amplifiers, oscilloscopes etc.1985+